Kifer Onion Black Seed Hair Oil - 200ml



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Key Features

  • Helps in hair growth

  • Helps making hair smooth and soft

  • Helps in hair fall control

  • Helps in nourishment of damaged hair

  • Natural and toxin free


Onion Black Seed Hair Oil With Jojoba, Almond, Castor, Jojoba, Olive & Coconuts Oils 100% Cold-Pressed Oils

How To Use

use onion oil without heating it, take a couple of drops of kifer  pure onion and black seed oil in your palms and massage your scalp with it for 15-20 minutes

Make sure to be gentle with the pressure and use a circular motion to really get the oil into the scalp. Leave the oil on for 3-4 hours and wash with a Kifer 5 in1 Nourishments Advanced Repairing Shampoo.


About this item ONION HAIR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH :Helps your hair grow in a natural way by activating dormant hair follicle tissues on the scalp. It rapidly helps grow and nourish your hair effectively. Supports the strengthening of the hair root for both women and men.   ONION OIL FOR HAIR FALL CONTROL :This powerful remedy protects and nourishes hair to reduce further hair loss and breakage. It revives the scalp and follicles to prevent further thinning while promoting new thicker hair growth.   PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS : Red Onion oil, Argan oil , castor oil , tea tree oil etc. All natural herbal ingredients are carefully curated to form the most gentle yet effective hair growth solution for all hair types.   NOURISHING AND REPAIR HAIR: Fast Speed of hair growth.Dense hair, issuance, prevent hair loss; let the hair follicles to grow new hair root.Raise hair make hair smoother.   NATURAL & TOXIN FREE : The Hair Oil is completely free of Sulfates, Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Colors & Synthetic Fragrance.


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