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Kifer Pure Glycerin Unscented for Face Beauty Skin - 250gm Pack of 2

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About this item   Kifer Glycerine is the traditional and essential secret ingredient used in every natural skincare products available in the market. The natural, fresh and organic glycerine used in various products such as in creating organic bubble bath soaps, Glycerine face moisturizers formulated for dry skin, Glycerine hair moisturizers for hair-types, pure Glycerine soap, Glycerine organic hair gel, etc. The respective glycerin is a 100% pure extract from vegetables.   GET BETTER PHOTOAGED SKIN: Researches have proven glycerin has the major element in creams that perk up prematurely aged skin. Users must mix our 100% natural vegetable glycerin with your favorite moisturizer to get better your skin's capability to consistently shed outer layers (desquamation). This will help renew and produce smoother skin.   PROVEN SKIN MOISTURIZER: Vegetable Glycerine comprises of several hygroscopic properties, which enables it to draw and absorb moisture from the neighboring environment. The scientific studies and researches have proven that highly concentrated glycerin creams present better effects in comparison to the fifteen leading moisturizing creams available in the market. In addition, our 100% vegetable glycerin offers a natural remedy to cure all dry skin problems.   GUARD & MOISTURIZE HAIR: Kifer Glycerine is an immense natural humectants, which contains hyroscopic properties. This enables it to attract moisture from the environment, which can assist perk-up hair dryness. Our Vegetable Glycerin utilized as a base component or added to obtainable hair shampoos and conditioners.   FACIAL CLEANSER: Our Vegetable Glycerine for face is an effective syrup used in various and having extreme moisturizing properties. It helps in improving oily skin blackheads and acne. Glycerin enables a perfect ingredient used in various facial cleansers. To make your skin clean and soft, mix vegetable glycerin with tea tree oil and rosewater and apply daily during the bed hours. You will be amazed to find a natural non-harsh facial cleanser improving your skin texture daily.


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