Kifer Tea Tree Serum - 30ml



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About this item Clears Acne, Treats Blemishes and Imperfections. &nbsp; <strong>CLEARS ACNE:</strong> Kifer' s Tea Tree Serum is the best skin clearing serum which will help you clear acne rendering a clear and shiny skin. &nbsp; <strong>TREATS BLEMISHES AND IMPERFECTIONS:</strong> Our product is known for its skin clearing benefits which will help fade scars and treat dark spots. It will make your skin shiny and is the perfect solution to all your skin imperfections. It helps remove all impurities and restore all natural oils to your skin giving it a healthy glow. &nbsp; <strong>BRIGHTENS COMPLEXION:</strong> Our Tea tree oil is infused with Aloe and vitamin C which help visibly lighten your skin and brighten your overall complexion. &nbsp; <strong>RENDERS CLEAR SKIN:</strong> Our product helps soothe your inflamed skin, relieve sores, reduce spots and scars and even prevent blackheads to render you with a clear and shiny skin. &nbsp; <strong>OFFERS GLOW TO SKIN AND SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES:</strong> Kifer' s Tea Tree Serum is enriched with detoxifying, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic &amp; antimicrobial properties to render clear, repaired and radiant skin.


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